The Last Expedition (in pre-production)

Wanda Rutkiewicz was the first woman in history on K2 - the world most difficult mountain and the first Polish climber on Everest. In 1992 Wanda did not come back from an expedition and there is no proof of her death. Today Wanda would be 75 years old. We set off on our expedition to trace Wanda’s footsteps along her last journey to Nepal. Who was she and how did she convince herself and others of her immortality? Was she a conqueror of the highest peaks, or a fugitive for whom mountains were the last safe place, where she could hide from envy of the climbing community and her loneliness?


Director Eliza Kubarska

Producers Monika Braid, Gregor Streiber, Kaspar Winkler and Sabine Girsberger

Production Companies
Braidmade Films, Insel Film, TILT Production

Funding Polish Film Institute, Creative Europe