Mind the Gap (2011)

UK/India/Australia, 60 min.

This story marks the hurdles faced by families caught up in the clash of cultures, religions and generations of the 21st century. The Mankoos, a Sikh family, who originate from Kenya, lived in London for 30 years and recently emigrated to Australia, take you on a journey to India in search of their identity and a place of belonging. Dari, the father, ex pop star and London Underground driver, Tina, his wife and an IT expert, and their two daughters Prabhjot and Kiran, venture on the trip which they hope will change their life and bring them closer as a family. The scenes of their spiritual journey through India frame the story of a family in transition and their struggle to find a common ground when understanding their roots during the different stages of their life. 


Director Maciej Gorski

Producer Monika Braid

Co-producers Yugesh and Sunandan Walia

Cinematographers Wojciech Staron, Maciej Gorski, Pawel Banasiak 

Production Companies
Braidmade Films, Endboard Productions

Funding MEDIA, Polish Film Institute, Screen West Midlands, BBC, WorldView