Guidance Through The Black Hole (2017)

UK/Bosnia, Documentary, 74 min.

Sule is a hard-living, chain smoking poet- one of the few remaining bohemians left in London’s Portobello district. Drinking and gambling with his Eastern European friends has left him estranged from his family and, even though he is surrounded by people, he feels utterly alone. His one consolation is his dream of one day returning to his beloved place of birth. Confronted by his own mortality following the death of his best friend, Sule is thrown into crisis, the thought of returning home now reduced to an unimaginable reality. Presented with a lifeline by the Bosnian Embassy who invite him to exhibit a series of paintings entitled Guidance through the Black Hole, Sule must navigate the difficult road home. Torn between his vices and the completion of his work can Sule escape his dark past and escape the black holes of his own creation? 


Director Aleksander Nikolic and Zlatko Pranjic

Producer Monika Braid

Cinematographer Aleksander Nikolic

Production Companies
Braidmade Films, The Theatre With Accent


In competition at Sarajevo Film Festival 2017



Guidance through the Black Hole has it all: the protagonist, the plot twist and lots of style.


The film really gets under your skin.