The Portrait of… 

Let us make a film for you. About your mother, father, or someone else you love.


We all have an urge to record precious memories of our loved ones, hold on to special moments, wanting to keep them alive forever. These can be reminiscences of childhood, of time spent together, moments of happiness, laughter or admiration for one another. How many of us would want to collect these stories in one comprehendible box, but how many of us have the skills, facilities or time?  We organise photos in albums, keep files on hard drives or attempt to write a book about them or…. make a documentary film. 

At first, we all know how to do it: you just need a camera, a microphone… soon you might realise that telling an engaging story requires skills that take years to learn and this is where we come in. We think that each of us has a fascinating story to tell and by using our professional skills we have the ability to tell your story in the most appealing way.

Our team has expertise in delivering award winning documentaries to international broadcasters such as the BBC, ARTE, ZDF, and HBO, to name a few.

From our experience the best vehicle to tell your story is through short form that has a concise story line and is filled with emotion and we will give you just that.

The film will be professionally colour graded and delivered in high quality digital format, HD or 4K so that it not only looks good on your phone or laptop but also on a big TV screen.

Do you have a question? We would love to hear from you.