K2. Touching the Sky (2015)

UK/Poland/Germany, Documentary, 72 min.

Mountaineers are some of the heroes of our time but sometimes the risks taken to follow their extreme passion come at a costly price. For the families of those who never return from the peaks of the highest mountains the price is certainly felt the hardest.

In 1986 a mass expedition of experienced climbers left 13 dead in what is now known as K2’s ‘black summer’. With the hope of further understanding their parents’ passion four of the children of those who lost their lives to the mountain embark on an emotional journey deep in to the Himalayas, retracing their parents steps the to base camp of K2, the world’s second highest peak.

Over 20 years have passed since their parents’ deaths but can their journey somehow help them come to terms with their loss?


Director Eliza Kubarska

Producers Katarzyna Slesicka and Monika Braid

Cinematographer Radoslaw Ladczuk

Production Companies
HBO Europe, Wajda Studio, Inselfilm Produktion, Braidmade Films and Vertical Vision Film Studio

Funding Polish Film Institute, Servus TV

World Sales Rise and Shine



Winner of Best Feature Film – Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival


A moving examination of the real-life implications of the adventuring spirit.

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

If you’ve ever been lured into the beauty and intrigue of the mountains, you will relate to this film. If you have ever loved and lost someone, you will also be captivated by its message. It asks the impossible question that really - has no answer... but compels the audience to keep looking within their own lives.